Why Not Rent a Ferrari for the 2010 Ferrari Challenge?

As all red-blooded Ferrari fans know, the Ferrari Challenge has managed to creep up on us again and will be starting next weekend.  This is an exhilarating annual event that allows Ferrari owners to race their exotics against other owners-but did you know you can also enter the race in a Ferrari rental?  Awesome.  Even more awesome?  Imagine Lifestyles is offering a special Ferrari F430 Spider rental for the event.

Yes, Ferrari does delegate which model/models are permitted to race, but it does not place emphasis on who actually owns the car, making it possible for drivers to rent a Ferrari for the Ferrari Challenge.  It is a unique opportunity to indulge in the luxury brand and race it at its full potential, without having to “buy the cow”. 
To make this deal sweeter, Imagine Lifestyles is offering an exclusive package to participate in the 2010 Ferrari Challenge:

•    2 day Ferrari F430 Spider rental Ferrari F430 Spider Engine
•    $3,500 for the Best Days of your Life
•    3.12.10-3.14.10
•    Admission to the Ferrari Challenge
•    Admission to the exclusive breakfast at The Collection on 3.13.10 at 7 am
•    Police escort with 50 other Ferraris to the Homestead Motorpark

This is the perfect opportunity to race in the Ferrari Challenge with this year’s F430 model.  Ferrari is only permitting the F430 model to race in the luxury event this year, so if you are interested in racing ours, contact us before someone else scores our F430 Spider for the race!  We just received delivery of our Ferrari F430 Spider in October, and the prancing horses are ready to grace the track!

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals