Money Can’t Buy Everything Now Can It?

Not Cool Enough To Own A Lexus?

Even if you have the cash, a cool $350,000, you might not be awesome enough to own the latest creation from Lexus.  Remember when your Mom and Grandma had a Lexus and there never seemed to be a problem with them driving around to soccer practice and the grocery store?  It seems that Lexus is going to be pickier on who exactly drives the New Lexus LFA supercar.  In this case, just because you can write the check does not mean you can get the keys.

Lexus LFA

Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals had a chance to be one of the select few to be personally invited to drive the Lexus LFA alongside master driver and Engineer Hiromu Naruse who recently passed away.  You can see this blog here: "Imagine Lifestyles Attends North American Introduction for the 2011 Lexus LFA Supercar."  I am guessing Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals may be on the list to purchase the exotic sports car Lexus LFA for our fleet of exotic sports coupe rental cars.  Should we add the LFA to our fleet of Miami exotic rental cars or do you think we should add this supercar to our Chicago exotic rental cars fleet?  I can see our Los Angeles and New York offices also wanting a piece of the Lexus LFA supercar as well.

Lexus has created a “cool test” in a sense in order to screen applicants they deem to be worthy of owning the highly sought after Lexus LFA.  After all, with only 500 cars being produced not just anyone should be able to claim ownership.  Back in the good old days, money could buy you anything you wanted but Lexus is trying to reverse that trend by screening applicants on a number of factors that will determine if they are the right fit for the LFA.  First off, you better live in an upscale neighborhood and plan on driving the car.  The LFA is not meant to be kept in the garage hidden from the public according to Lexus.  You also better have a nice stable of sports cars to park the LFA beside because Lexus is not going to let the LFA sleep next to any minivans or station wagons.

Lexus LFA

So do you have what it takes to get an LFA in your possession?  Imagine Lifestyles Chicago branch currently does not offer any Lexus vehicles in our line of exotic rental vehicles.  However, we would like to think we would pass the test with flying colors.  A new LFA would sit nicely in our Chicago warehouse next to our Lamborghini  rental car and Bentley GTC luxury rental car.  Even if you are not cool enough to get the LFA, contact the Imagine Lifestyles Chicago branch and we will get you behind the wheel of some crazy exotic cars no matter how popular or cool we think you are.  I can personally guarantee that we can take the biggest dork in Chicago and transform him into a movie star after he gets behind the wheel of one of our luxury and exotic rental vehicles.