Most Expensive: Porsche Carrera GT Luxury Sports Car

The most expensive Porsche model remains the Carrera GT, which you can expect to decrease your bank account by around $440,000.  While this is certainly not the million or two damage a Bugatti would inflict, it is still on the high side for exotic and luxury cars.Porsche Carrera GT Supercar

So why the high price tag for this particular Porsche?  Power my friends, that would be power and prestige.  The Porsche Carrera GT can hit speeds of up to 205 miles per hour, possibly more depending on track and driver experience. 

It also gives owners the bragging right of hitting the 0-60 mile per hour mark in 3.9 seconds, which is impressive.  It seems that any time below 4 seconds for the 0-60 marker is among the best available as far as exotic cars, luxury rental cars and engine superiority.

The engine actually sits lower in this Porsche than other supercars, as the clutch is ceramic and allows it to sit lower in the chassis.  This creates a more aerodynamic body, and enables it to burst to higher speeds, not to mention how stylish it appears.  Follow link for info about the Mirage GT carbon edition.

Other specifications of the Porsche Carrera GT include a 5.3-liter V10 mid-mounted engine, RWD of course.  The body design of the Carrera GT is quite modern, considering it was first created in 1999.  I suppose you could say it was before its time in the style arena. 

Buyers have 5 stylish color schemes to choose from, including: black, guards red, basalt black, GT silver, yellow and seal grey.


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