Most Expensive: Asanti Diamond Encrusted Rims

Imagine Lifestyles Chicago recently upgraded the rims on its Mercedes S550 rental car.  As all you car lovers know, a new set of rims is a very important piece to each of your vehicles.  While walking through the shop looking for the perfect set for our Mercedes, we stumbled upon the world’s most expensive set of rims.

Asanti Diamond Encursted Car RimsAsanti’s diamond-encrusted 22-inch wheels are one of the most unique rims you will ever see.  If diamonds are not your thing, just let Asanti know and they will put on rubies or sapphires instead.  Price tag on these bad boys will run you $1 Million dollars so make sure you pick the right jewel to match the color of your car.  

 Not only are these rims $1 Million, they come with a Bentley GT Coupe.  So for the small cost of $1 Million, you get a set of rims and a Bentley.  Worried about walking out to your car and finding your rims gone?  Asanti will also throw in a 24-hour security guard to watch your rims for the first year.  

 Although Imagine Lifestyles Chicago will not be outfitting any of their luxury rental cars with these rims just yet, all you need is a cool million and you can have the rims and the Bentley.  Good luck explaining that credit card receipt to your accountant.

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Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals