The Most Expensive Round of Golf?

I think I have discovered the most expensive round of golf in the world!  It seems that Barbados attracts more than those seeking the sand, sun and surf-it also beckons to golf lovers.  For $2,300 per game, yoSandy Lane Golf Courses Barbadosu could consider golf a luxury sport on this swanky island!

So how do they charge so much for 9 holes?  Well, the actual fee for a round of golf at one of Sandy Lane resort’s three courses, the Green Monkey, the Old Nine and the Country Club is $300. 

The extra bump comes into play when you factor in the fact that in order to play, you must be staying at the resort.  So those wishing to play a round of golf must then shell out $2,000 for a room at the resort.  If you are asking yourself if there are cheaper rooms, $2,000 is the least expensive accommodation available.  Ouchies.

The three luxury golf courses were designed by Tom Fazio, if that helps to ease the pain.  Yes, to play on this green, you will hand over your green.

I think you must really have to love golf, or have a ridiculous expense account to pay $2,3000 for a game of golf.  For that price, you could enjoy a Ferrari rental, Lamborghini rental, or just about any luxury car rental for an entire day, not just a mere few hours!  Well, I suppose they do get to indulge in the luxury hotel for the night, so there is a perk when you consider all of the lavish amenities offered at Sandy Lane.


Sandy Lane Resort Barbados

What are the most expensive golf courses you have played on?  Comment below!






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