The Most Expensive Sweet Tooth-$150,000 Cupcakes?

Cupcakes and diamonds and gold, oh my!  The things that can be done with food never cease to shock meDecadence d'Or Cupcake $750.  If you are so inclined, and have an impressive enough bank account, you can sink your sweet tooth into cupcakes that range from $750-$150,000.  Yes friends, cupcakes.

First up is the Decadence d’Or, by pastry chef Long Nguyen.  This is truly a decadent pastry, available at Las Vegas’s Palazzo Resort for the price of $750.  Why the hefty price you ask?  This is no ordinary baked sweet, it is made with edible gold flakes, Palmira Single Estate chocolate, gold-vanilla caviar, and a Louis XIII de Remy Martin Cognac bottled around 1900.  I searched for a photo of someone clamping down on one with gold teeth, but no such luck.  It is so exquisitely presented, I imagine it would be difficult to bring yourself to eat it!

Moving on from the modestly priced is the cupcake by Mervis Diamond Importers.  As you can likely discern from their industry, this tasty pastry is adorned with diamonds.  Each cupcake includes a single, 2-carat asscher cut diamond surrounded by eight brilliant cut diamonds.  These were designed to usher in tMervis Jewelers $30,000 Cupcakehe 2009 wedding season with a splash of creativity, and each one is $30,000.  Hey, the sugary frosting should make it easier to swallow.

Last but certainly not least, expensive that is, is the ROX Diamond Cupcake.  You can really frost yourself with this iced treat, as it is gleaming with gems from ROX luxury jewelers.  The cupcakes were designed to help celebrate the 3-day long “Glam in the City” fashion event in Glasgow, Scotland and will set you back $150,000 each (yes, I intended to have 4 zeros in that figure).  You could have a brand new Ferrari F430 Spider for about $40,000 more…but you can’t eat it or wear it.  "Let them eat cake" indeed.
Rox Jewelers $150,000 Cupcakes
If you would like to sample your own $150,000 dollar cupcake, you can look into attending the luxury event, it will be running June 18th-June 20th 2010 and is managed by fashion consultant Gok Wan.  I wonder if Mr. Wan would give me a free cupcake, seeing as how the luxury event begins on my birthday.  How about it Gok? 

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