“Mystery Piano” Returns to Miami

The infamous piano that once graced a sandbar in Biscayne Bay is back after undergoing a makeover. For those who missed it, the piano appeared out of no where on a sandbar in the middle of the bay and it took a while before a teen admitted to placing it there for a project he hoped would ensure his admittance into art school. While I am unsure if he was admitted into the school of his choice, he did make headlines and waves!

Grand Piano Biscayne Bay

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Biscayne Bay Grand piano

The piano’s owners at Piano in the Bay decided it needed a cosmetic touch-up to prevent further damage, and now thanks to designer Dion Lee Valencia (Sketch to Form) it has been restored to its former glory and is ready for another round of close-ups. The occasion was marked with a grand reveal at Sketch to Form’s Miami Lakes location.

Valencia stated,“It’s simply an honor. We just couldn’t pass up such an incredibly unique opportunity, and we knew we had to take it very seriously.”

Grand Piano Biscayne Bay

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