Driver Busted Speeding in Rare Aston Martin—YouTube is Not a Toy!

With millions of people taking advantage of the opportunity to put themselves out there on YouTube, it was only a matter of time before authorities caught on! The owner of a rare Aston Martin made the decision to broadcast himself driving 182 miles per hour in his luxury sports car; a decision he hoped would attract fan chatter or praise. Instead, it attracted the attention of local Belgium authorities, who are attempting to bring charges!

Aston Martin Carbon Black Edition

Aston Martin Carbon Black Edition

The Belgium police were made aware of the video after it gained local media coverage. Due to the rarity of the Aston Martin, described in the video as a “Carbon Black Edition”, one of just 3 in Belgium, the driver was not too difficult to track down for some questioning.

Aston Martin Carbon Black Edition

Aston Martin Carbon Black Edition interior

The video was shot from the passenger seat and focuses on the speedometer, also showing the car weaving in and out of moderately heavy traffic. It has been reported that the man will be prosecuted on the basis of video evidence, and he could lose his driving and vehicle license! It would be terrible to own an Aston Martin without the privilege to drive it!

Aston Martin Carbon Black Edition

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