New BMW Advertising Campaign Targets Emotion—Joy

Luxury car mogul BMW has gone in a decidedly expressive direction with their latest rebranding strategyJoy is BMW Rebranding , targeting the emotion of joy.  Dubbed and “Joy is BMW” and “Uniquely BMW”, the new campaign is drastically different than its predecessors.  Let’s analyze it.

Far from the engine revving masculine dignity we are accustomed to, BMW has produced a Ralph Lauren-esque video featuring happy people of all ages driving their BMW’s in the sunshine, hair blowing in the breeze.  It is obvious their target market is expanding.

In the short video clip, BMW makes the following statements about what joy does:

•    Joy inspires works of art
•    Joy is timeless
•    Joy is freedom
•    Joy is aesthetic
•    Joy is moving
•    Joy is innovation
•    Joy shapes the future
•    Joy has a fanclub
•    Joy is contagious
•    Joy is efficient
•    Joy is dynamic
•    Joy is unstoppable
•    Joy is made by BMW

BMW goes on to state that “What you make people feel is just as important as what you make, we make joy.” 
BMW wants to evoke an emotion from potential buyers, stating that they do not just make cars-they make joy.  So if you buy a BMW, you will feel joy.  Well, if you can’t afford to be happy, you can always try one of our luxury BMW rentals for a temporary fix.

Their angle is that that makes the company unique, and that by making the driving experience as positive and joyful as possible, they can attract more buyers.  Overall, we think it is a refreshing and unique campaign, and applaud BMW for daring to be different.

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