Exotic Cuisine: Beijing’s Phenomenal Phallus Feast

Guo-Li-Zhuang Beijing ChinaIn the area of exotic cuisine, it takes a lot to surprise us at Imagine Lifestyles.  We love watching the Travel Channel, including Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” and Andrew Zimmern’s “Bizarre Foods”.  Meet Guo-Li-Zhuang, Beijing’s luxury restaurant that caters to the elite-by serving several types of pricey penises and testicles.

Aimed at the curious, the connoisseur and the health conscious, this luxury Chinese restaurant specializes in serving up the penises of horses, yaks, dogs, bulls, ducks and rare specimens to those who can afford it.  Note that a meal at Guo-Li-Zhuang is well into the hundreds, with delicacies such as Canadian seal penis costing upwards of $400 (this order must be placed in advance).

These high prices generally surpass the monthly income of most area inhabitants.  For this reason, the regulars of this exotic Chinese restaurant are generally communist government officials, businessmen or wealthy tourists.  And possibly Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain on occasion.  We love those guys.

So why eat penis?  Traditional Chinese belief is that consuming penis will enhance virility, and that it is good for women’s skin.  Well, as for the virility theory, Viagra is certainly cheaper, though eating penis makes for a spectacular travel story.  And I suppose they needed a way to market to women, and skin products generally do the trick in that department.   This is how exotic restaurants are able to charge top-dollar for the typically avoided and unsavory.Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain

Showcase dishes include “Dragon in the flame of desire” (which is yak) and the “hotpot” (six types of penis plus four of testicle).   The penises are sliced and diced, skinned and shaved thin.  They are then crispy-fried, boiled and braised.  Is your mouth watering yet?

All dishes are presented with intricate detail, with specimens snaking around dragon statues on beds of lettuce.  The penises are said to have a consistency similar to that of calamari, and take on the flavor of whichever dipping sauce you are complimenting them with. 

If all of this makes you squeamish or is just a bit too exotic for your tastes, there are plenty of options for exotic cuisine and luxury restaurants all around the world-many of which we cover in our luxury blog.  We just couldn’t resist these family jewels.

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