New Bond Film Sets Record by Smashing $37 Million in Aston Martin Cars

The latest James Bond film ‘Spectre’ can add another bragging right to its already extensive repertoire: It has the record for dollar damage from smashing up and otherwise annihilating perfectly good Aston Martin machines.

New Bond Film

The Aston Martin DB10 car was created for use in the James Bond film only.

It is certainly an amusing tidbit to add to any conversation, as Spectre’s stunt coordinator Gary Powell recently did when he told Event magazine: “We set the record for smashing up cars on Spectre. In Rome, we wrecked millions of pounds worth. They were going into the Vatican at top speeds of 110 miles per hour. We shot one entire night for four seconds of film.”

New Bond Film

The movie Spectre will be slamming into European theaters on October 26th and Stateside November 6th, which leaves quite an annoying gap of opportunity for critics and the interwebs to give away the details to those who have not yet seen it. It is a sure bet that those involved have very high hopes of at least recovering the lost carnage from the cast of cars. The featured Bond ride in this installment is the one-off Aston Martin DB10 coupe. I use the term one-off lightly, as 7 out of 10 were destroyed in the name of art. All units were created specifically for this movie and none will hit the market. While there are spinoffs suitable for consumption like the next-gen DB9 GT and the Vulcan, of course, the DB10 is only offered to 007.

Aston Martin DB10In the end, the grand finale of financial investment reached the $300 million marker—making this the most expensive James Bond movie to date. When that knowledge is absorbed, the $37 million in Aston Martin crashes seems…not so staggering.

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