Video: Porsche Slides into Crowd at Malta Motor Show

Auto shows are exciting venues to get the details on the latest offerings and see how brands are evolving–and sometimes there are exotic car crashes. There is always the risk of danger when crowds gather near vehicles in operation, as was the case at the Malta Motor Show. Malta is a small island off the southern coast of Italy. It was there that a Porsche 918 spyder operated by British tycoon Paul Bailey hit some grass with a rear wheel, cleared a barrier and spun into the crowd of onlookers off a runway.

Warning: The footage below shows the chaos of the Porsche crash that left 26 people injured. While it is not gory, it may be disturbing to some viewers:

The clip above was captured at the unfortunate crash as the Porsche 918 spun out of control and into the crowd of bystanders. It is amazing that the person filming kept rolling with all of the harrowing happenings. The event was so instantaneous that it clearly was impossible for some to move fast enough to make way for the out of control car. The crash occurred at the Paqpaqli ghal-Istrina motorshow in Malta.

Malta Motor Show

The event raises funds for local charity and driver Bailey is a known automotive enthusiast with ample experience behind the wheel. He owns an impressive fleet of approximately 30 exotic sports cars including Ferrari, McLaren and even the Porsche 918 spyder he was piloting at the time. Regardless of experience level, sometimes drivers lose control of these high-powered machines, and in just a split second, the vehicle has spun several times and it is too late. The overall lesson here is that it is crucial for bystanders to keep a safe distance, even when it seems annoying for local officials to create barriers—they are put in place to save lives.

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