The Next Maserati Patent Drawings Make Mark

Maserati fans need not hold their breath any longer, the 2014 Quattroporte patent renderings have been revealed! No need to panic, no major changes appear to be in the works. In fact, there have been precious few alterations to this model since its debut in 2005.

Maserati Quattroporte drawings

There have been minimal changes to the Quattroporte since 2005

Maserati Quattroporte drawings

This marks the 6th generation of the popular model, and by the drawings is certainly a part of the family. Can you distinguish the styling cues from the GranTurismo coupe and the Kubang SUV?

The noticeable changes include the front and rear. The grille and lamps are just a touch more aggressive and defined, which is an exciting change because very little has changed over the years. Do not get me wrong–this model is far from stagnant, so I assume the company simply maintains styling direction based on the theory that ‘If it is not broke, do not fix it’.

Maserati Quattroporte drawings

The name “Quattroporte” literally means “four-door”

The overall silhouette and signature side vents will likely remain, along with the solid reputation as a leading exotic sports monster. What will lurk under the hood remains a mystery, though the current Quattroporte sports a 4.7-liter V8 kicking out 433 horses paired to a 6-speed automatic with manual shift mode.

Maserati Quattroporte drawings
Maserati’s SUV will be offered in both diesel and standard fuel forms



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