Photo Gallery: Lexus LFA with PUR-fect Wheels?

PUR Wheels has rolled out one of its most beautiful projects to date: a Lexus LFA supercar fitted with custom wheels. Aptly named ‘Project Reignfire’, the 21-inch, 3 pieces forged in aluminum 4OUR DEPTH wheels are stunning!

Lexus LFA with PUR Wheels

The PUR-fect wheels are finished off with a modern black with a gloss lumiere grey lip

The LFA was the first attempt by Lexus to build a supercar, and it simply continues to improve. The color scheme of the wheels compliment the red coat on this LFA. At the official North American LFA introduction, Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals had the unique opportunity to drive both a white and a matte black LFA at Homestead Miami raceway, a day we have not forgotten! Follow link above for that speedy story.

Lexus LFA with PUR Wheels

PUR Wheels

For those of you who do not know how powerful the LFA is, it packs a unique V10 engine that purrs like a V8 with the power of a V12. This car produces an insane amount of power beneath its rather understated physique. From what I recall at Homestead the day I drove the car, each set of ceramic brakes for the LFA cost approximately $10,000 big ones…and they sent several sets for members of the press to burn up! I know we would all like to brake in the new PUR wheels, so come back to Miami, Lexus!

Lexus LFA with PUR Wheels

The shapely LFA

Lexus LFA with PUR Wheels
New shoes

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