UK Driver Crashes Classic Bugatti and Finds Comfort in Beer

Racing driver and Bugatti enthusiast Edmund Burgess knows how to nurse a wound: with a pint of beer or two. Burgess lost control of his classic Bugatti while competing in the Prescott Speed Hill Climb in Gloucestershire, crashing it as he rounded a corner. Like any unhappy chap, he simply strolled from the scene of the crash to the nearest pub! I daresay I like his style–he seems to play the part of a debonair 007 who prefers Bugatti to Aston Martin.

Classic Bugatti

UK man crashes Bugatti T13 and heads directly to the pub for a cold beer. Can you blame the fellow? Crashing a quarter million dollar classic car calls for a round…or 12. 

The 1924 Bugatti Type 13 at a glance:

  • This model was manufactured in 1914 and again from 1919-1926
  • All editions built were dubbed Brescia
  • It packs an in-line 4-cylinder engine with overhead camshafts
  • 30 horsepower at 4500 rpms. This figure seems laughable today, though it was not shabby in the early 1900s!
  • It is shaft-driven with front-wheel suspension. Live axle, semi-elliptical springs
  • Back wheel suspension is also live axle
  • Cable drum brakes
  • Overall weight is 450 kilos

Classic Bugatti

The remains of the 1924 Bugatti T13 will take approximately 8 weeks to restore, which is plenty of time for Burgess to lament. The classic car is valued at around a quarter of a million and it turned completely over, as you can see in the dramatic photos. Burgess is extremely lucky to have escaped injury, though the hangover must have been a bit painful.

Classic Bugatti crash

Burgess narrowly missed the Armco barrier as his classic Bugatti flipped. The 56-year-old washed down the shock with a cold beer. 

Bugatti crash

Burgess was very lucky to escape injury after flipping over in the convertible Bugatti. The photos give the amusing illusion of a slow-motion tumble, similar to a baby tipping over.

Classic Bugatti

The classic machine pre-damage

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