No Bull: Lamborghini Aventador Test Drive Ends in Fire (Video!)

A young California “Internet millionaire” took a new Lamborghini Aventador for a test drive–a joyride that ended when the $376,000 exotic sports car abruptly burst into flames! It is unclear exactly what caused the incident, though not everyone is capable of handling a beast that catapults from 0-62 in less than 3 seconds! This is an isolated incident, hopefully not the start of another story like the infamous Ferrari 458 fires!

If this hot-shot was looking to show off, he certainly landed in hot water…


The hopeful potential owner opted to cruise down Highway 73 in the supercar, coming to a screeching halt when the engine began to release puffs of smoke. The Aventador packs a powerful 6.5-liter V12 engine, and the driver fled from the Lambo just as the flames began to engulf the roadster.

Watch as firefighters work to douse the flames on the Aventador in the video clip above…such a tragedy!
While it is fortunate that the driver was uninjured, the Lamborghini Newport Beach dealership is likely less-than-thrilled with turning in such a lofty insurance claim! Can you say ‘premium increase’? The banter between the onlookers is quite amusing!

Lamborghini Aventador fire

Hopefully, this scenario never happens to any of our awesome Aventador rentals!