Celebrity Road Rage and Crashes–Top 10 Guys Not to Provoke on the Streets!

Some celebs seem to be bathed in bad luck along with the spotlight.  The following male celebrities seem to have a problem keeping their cool on the road, making headlines in the process!

The top 10 male celebrities with road rage and crash histories are:

1.    Mike Tyson
2.    Mel Gibson
3.    Gary Busey
4.    Danny Bonaduce
5.    Chris Brown
6.    Russell Crowe
7.    Charlie Sheen
8.    Nick Nolte
9.     Howard Stern
10.   Christian Bale


Mike Tyson certainly chose the right profession, though it doesn’t seem to serve as an outlet for all of his anger, I am sure Holyfield hears me.   With a rap sheet longer than Gisele Bundchen’s legs, Tyson was charged with misdemeanor second-degree assault after allegedly kicking a man in the groin area following a car accident in Gaithersburg, MD.  This unfortunate man experienced the real Tyson Punch-Out!

Mike Tyson and Holyfield

Mike Tyson removes Holyfield’s ear by way of mouth


Mel Gibson has received more bad press than drunken heiresses these days, and hit the spotlight again when he crashed his 2008 Maserati Quattroporte on a rocky Malibu cliff.  This was not a DUI accident, sources say Mel ‘Fell off the road, not the wagon’.

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson wears his emotions




It seems that Gary Busey is a man you want around in the event of an auto accident!  When Busey witnessed a car accident in California and promptly took over at the scene, assisting the victims.  There are recordings of Busey barking orders, including ‘Call 911!’, and he directed traffic and remained with the crash victims until paramedics arrived.  Hey, I thought at least one heart-warming story would fit here!

Gary Busey

Gary Busey scares me




While it is unclear if Danny Bonaduce has ever been in a car accident, he has been quoted as claiming:  “Anyone can die in a car crash.  It takes a special guy to be the car crash”.  This is a quote intended to summarize his often-rocky life, which seems to be suitable for mass-consumption in the form of reality TV.

Danny Bonaduce

Danny Bonaduce has come a long way since the Partridge Family…ahh child stars.



Chris Brown may never shake the aftermath of beating then-girlfriend Rihanna in a car enroute to the awards ceremony.  Prior to that incident, the two were reportedly in a car accident following a Def Jam after-party, after which security placed each in a separate vehicle.  Hmmmmm….

Chris Brown

Chris Brown has difficulty controling his temper




Russell Crowe is right up there with Courtney Love when it comes to emotional outbursts and violent responses…like tossing phones at hotel clerks.  He is also a fan of road rage according to reports.

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe




The recently enraged Charlie Sheen has had his fair share of exotic car crashes, and his current life could be summed up as one!

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen




Nick Nolte may well have the world’s most horrifying mug shot following a 2002 DUI arrest!

Nick Nolte

Nick Nolte mugshot





Howard Stern

Seriously, would you wanna piss Howard Stern off?




Christian Bale threw a tantrum, screaming at workers on a film set.  Now, picture him behind the wheel…not a pretty picture!

Christian Bale

Christian Bale angry

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