Only 33 Dodge Viper SRT ACR’s Planned to Pound the Pavement

If you are a gearhead, you like to go fast.  And you like to know what everyone in the automotive realm is up to.  Well, the good people at Dodge are gaining attention with the special edition Dodge Viper SRT ACR, only 33 of which will hit production.

Viper tacks on a “1:33” at the end of the name, to honor the impressive track time, but we find 433 names to be sufficient.  The Viper SRT ACR is a special edition, packing 600 horsepower, and ample muscle to put many to shame.  While it matches up fairly similarly with the 2009 model, the 2010 model does accelerate to the full 202 miles per hour about 15 seconds faster than its predecessor.  It has been said that the Dodge Viper SRT ACR is the most potent Viper to date, which certainly seems to be the case. 

The Viper 1:33 is adorned with a unique two-tone black clear coat/red clear coat, the inverse of the original Viper ACR.  The Viper SRT ACR also features modified end caps on its massive carbon-fiber wing. 

This Viper will certainly snake its way into the hearts of many, but only into the driveway’s of 33 lucky individuals.  As far as pricing, that remains to be calculated. 

While Dodge is not a brand we keep in our exotic rental car fleet, they certainly know how to go fast and turn heads.

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals