What You Must Do While in Miami-Best Comment Wins $400 Gift Certificate

Everyone has heard the old saying “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, and we at Imagine Lifestyles say the same sentiment rings true for Miami. 

Before you protest, let us begin by saying WE LOVE VEGAS…maybe more than we should, but there is an equally magnetic force at work in Miami.  So here is our challenge to our fans:
 Blog Contest-$400 Off Luxury Car Rental
Describe this energetic Miami/South Beach force in a creative way that depicts Miami in the same light as Vegas.  Remember that we do not mean it is necessarily better than Vegas, but certainly equal.  Be sure to include what you “must do” while in Miami (in Vegas of course you must gamble). 

The winner will be rewarded for their awesomeness with a $400 Imagine Lifestyles gift certificate.

While you are ripping it up all over South Beach in your exotic rental car, you can then write to us with details of your luxury night out, possibly James Bond style, should you opt for the Aston Martin (you are on your own with the women).

We look forward to hearing your responses, the contest will end on Super Bowl Sunday.  Will you be the lucky winner?

Contest Guidelines:

•    Contestants simply add a comment below this post describing “What you must do while in Miami”
•    Winner will receive a $400 Imagine Lifestyles gift certificate (see details at bottom of page)
•    Contest ends on Super Bowl Sunday, and winner will be announced one week afterward
•    Winner will be selected by the Imagine Lifestyles writing staff.  The three of us will narrow down the contestants based on the originality, creativity and overall uniqueness of their contribution.

To help get your engines running, here is our list of “Must Do’s in Miami”:

Kristy:  “I must stay at the new W Hotel South Beach, and peel around in a Lamborghini Gallardo Spider rental.  This is a hot car, and will be much needed to turn heads and make the most of the Miami experience.  If I can separate myself from my Lamborghini rental, I would also charter a yacht for a day cruise with a group of friends”.

Ryan:  “I must drive a Ferrari F430 Spider along Ocean Drive to feel the full South Florida vibe.  This is a luxury sports car unlike any other”.

Jared:  “I would say charter a huge 85-90 ft boat with about 10 friends, and of course splurge on private chefs and an on-board masseuse to ensure everyone is spoiled and relaxed”.


*The lucky winner will be rewarded for their awesomeness with a $400 Imagine Lifestyles gift certificate, which can be applied only to the following from the fleet of Imagine Lifestyles exotic rental cars:  a Ferrari F430 rental, Bentley GTC rental, or Aston Martin Vantage rental.  Gift certificate is valid until 2/20/11.


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