The Only Bugatti Veyron Sang Blanc Has Been Crashed

With so few Bugatti cars in existence, crashes are rare occurrences. That notion doubles for special edition rare Bugatti models, like the Sang Blanc! In 2008, Bugatti built 15 ‘Sang Noir’ special edition Grand Sport Veyron cars in black, and just one ‘Sang Blanc’ white car. You can see the one-off Sang Blanc post crash photo below!

This one-off Bugatti beauty lasted about 5 years before the crash in Southern France

The one Sang Blanc Bugatti was delivered to a very fortunate Brit, who ordered it with the steering on the left in order to drive it in Europe. The details are confusing, though it is said to have changed hands once before the crash. There is no word on what caused the crash, but while the damage appears minimal, the repair bills will not be as gentle!


Veyron Grand Sport Sang Blanc details:
• A convertible version of the iconic Grand Sport
• 252 mile per hour top speed (224 with the top dropped)
• “Bianco Canopus Matte” finish
• Black front grille, door handles, engine covers, roof rail and exhaust tips

Locked and loaded

There were 15 dark devils and just 1 white angel in this elite lineup


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