Orange is the New Green? Advan ENV-R1

Yokohama Orange Oil TiresForward-thinking Yokohama just got fluid, developing an eco-friendly approach to peeling out with fuel-efficient tires made using oranges.  Fruity idea? Read on.

Performance driving is a lust we cannot be cured from, yet we can lower its impact on the environment, which is precisely what the new green, er…orange tires are intended to do.  The new tires are dubbed “Advan ENV-R1” and have replaced an astonishing 80% of the synthetic, petroleum-based rubber traditionally used in normal performance tires with a compound derived from natural orange oil. 

The orange oil and natural rubber have a similar molecular structure, and the orange oil works to soften the final material, and to increase the tire’s grip on the road-think of an environmentally friendly handshake between tire and road.

The new ENV-R1 is easier to recycle and potentially more durable in the long run.  To prove the road-worthiness of the fruity tires, Yokohama sponsored the Patron GT3 Challenge, wherein Porsches raced on Sebring International Speedway and every luxury car sported the green orange-infused tires. 

By now you are probably wondering what the catch is to this creative genius.  The orange tires do cost a bit more, and for the moment they are manufactured in only three sizes, which reflects their severely small niche of hybrid cars.  It would appear that the grass is greener on the other side, and the tires are orange-er.  We still think it may take a bit before all of our luxury rental cars are wearing orange tires, but hope the movement catches on for the sake of the environment.

Post by Imagine LIfestyles Luxury Rentals