Star Trek Star Crashes Porsche

KHAAAAAAr crash! It seems that Sherry Jackson, star of the original “Star Trek” series (think 1960s), is more knowledgeable with space ships hitting warp10 than her shiny white Porsche. Jackson crashed the Porsche into another vehicle in Los Angeles recently, and the bloodhounds at TMZ snapped the aftermath and damage.

Porsche Crash

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Jackson, or “Andrea” as many know her, was tooling around Norwalk in her 2006 Porsche Cayman when she rear-ended a 2011 Mustang. Perhaps the horses under the hood of the Porsche were simply trying to compete with Ford’s Mustang…that will be up to the insurance companies to decipher! It is typically the fault of the driver striking the other from behind in most cases. Perhaps Google is onto something with its now-legal automated cars in Nevada!

Porsche crash
It is not clear if anyone was injured in the collision, though Jackson could have flashed the other driver the famous “Live long and prosper” sign. I come in pieces!

Sherry Jackson

I’m sorry Miss Jackson…I am for real!

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