Party of the Year? Imagine Lifestyles Throws It Down In Chicago

Imagine Lifestyles Throws It Down In Chicago

Way back when in June 2010, Imagine Lifestyles introduced itself to Chicago with a launch party.  With summer winding down and everyone reminiscing about all the good times had, it seems a few people thought our party was a pretty good time.  NBC Chicago recently put out its’ possible list of best Chicago parties of the summer.  And low and behold, Imagine Lifestyles, with a little help from the Blackhawks and the Stanley Cup, made the list.

What started out as a relaxing night with a few cocktails eventually turned into a raging party.  We had a few of our favorite Chicago exotic rental cars parked out front, a few celebrity athletes in attendance, and a silent auction benefitting Greg Olsen and his awesome charity, Receptions for Research.  Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals was hoping we would have a special guest appearance but no one was for certain if it would happen.  And then it happened. 

For those of you that attended that Thursday evening hopefully you remember bits and pieces of the evening and what made it so special.  Around 11 P.M. just as the party was getting started, a small explosion occurred in the stairwell.  Not a bomb, not fire alarms, just 25 bearded drunken men holding a giant silver trophy (know as the Stanley Cup) that would soon turn into what is essentially known to most as a beer mug.  It’s hard to explain what happened the next 5 hours, but apparently everyone had a good time and NBC Chicago agrees.  Maybe next summer we will have to throw another little get together?  Would anyone come back for round two?

Here is the link with some pictures of our June party held at Underground Chicago:

Link to the Imagine Lifestyles Chicago Launch Party.


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