Porsche Plans to Remain Exclusive Even as Demand Rises

Luxury automaker Porsche plans to remain an exclusive brand, even as demand for its products continues to rise. This is a hot issue in the industry, as those with the funds and desire can be shot down when attempting to purchase because the brand only produces a certain amount annually, sometimes with special restrictions to the purchasers.

PorscheFerrari is known for maintaining a similar approach, favoring the exclusive nature of its beast to mass production. After all, if many people were rolling around in an exotic sports car like a Ferrari or a Porsche, the special factor would begin to dissipate and it would be as exciting to see as a Ford Focus on the streets. Porsche is not completely set on all of its offerings staying exclusive, however, as is seen by burgeoning sales of the Cayenne and Macan SUV units and perhaps its more modestly priced underlings. But for the foreseeable future, the top-of-the-line Porsche sports cars will remain quite out of reach for just anyone.

PorscheSales for Porsche offerings have grown impressively since the introduction of the Cayenne, with the potential to surpass the 200,000 unit mark this year. So where will Porsche end up hitting the brakes in terms of units? According to Porsche CEO Matthias Muller: “Our response is simple: we limit availability.”

PorscheOverall, the brand is examining global markets nonstop to determine just how many units it needs to sell to remain exclusive yet profitable, as with any luxury automaker. The challenge has been the recent rise of wealth in various markets, which has led to an increase in interested buyers across all luxury car companies. The companies are still in the process of deciding how exclusive they shall remain, with Porsche and Ferrari being the most vocal on their stances. It will remain to be seen how long those stances will stand, though it is likely the brands will remain in the specialty arena.

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