Porsche Covers Cayman S With Facebook Fan Photos

Facebook is certainly a big deal in the eyes of luxury carmakers. When it hit the 1 million fan mark on the popular social networking site, Porsche unveiled a special 911 GT3 R hybrid. Now it has attracted 2 million fans, the brand showed some serious love by plastering all fan faces onto a special Cayman S! Craziness? See photo below!

Porsche 2M Facebook Car

Your eyes are not deceiving you—that is a Porsche with 2 million red Facebook fan photos gracing the exterior.

This move was obviously well accepted by the fans, because how many times in life do you get your likeness placed on a leading luxury sports car? What I am curious about is how well received the Porsche Facebook 2M car has been to those not on the car’s body.

Porsche 2M Facebook Car

For the 2M round, fans were able to voice their opinion for the exterior:
•Racing livery (Winner: 917 K with Salzburg livery in red and white)
•The options included: 917 K Salzburg, 917 Hippie, or 917 Sunoco.
Porsche 2M Facebook Car

Porsche 2M Facebook car

The Facebook Porsche is currently on display in Stuttgart, Germany, if you think your face just may be on it! If looking is just not enough, rent a Porsche from us this weekend, use the photos of you in it to trumph those friends boasting about being on the 2M FB car…somewhere!

Porsche 2M Facebook Car


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