Porsche Goes Green & Reduces Engine Size, Good or Bad?

Luxury car icon Porsche has revealed the company’s plans to offer a hybrid version of all models.  That is right, hybrid Porsches available in every model, from the 918 Porsche Spider to the Cayenne.

We already knew about the Porsche Cayenne hybrid, as it was revealed earlier this year, touted asPorsche Hybrid System the exotic carmaker’s first-ever eco-friendly luxury SUV.  So what is with the burst of enthusiasm, almost immediately announcing intentions to offer a hybrid version of all Porsche models? 

Aside from a desire to preserve the environment, Porsche and other luxury car companies in Europe have been slapped with a fleet emission restriction to reduce target emissions by 2015, from the European Union.  The new and stringent emission guidelines have led to both standard and luxury carmakers working overtime to develop environmentally friendly vehicles without sacrificing the heart (engine) of the models.

To achieve a greener luxury car without impeding on performance, Porsche is reducing the engine sizes in some of its fleet, while its PR team is feverishly reassuring Porsche lovers that performance will not suffer.

The Porsche Cayenne Hybrid release has shown us that anything is possible from the brand.  It is likely that a Porsche Panamera Hybrid will join the Cayenne by next year, after which a Porsche 918 Spider Hybrid will hit the green scene.   The Panamera Hybrid supercar will boast full electric driving capacity for up to about 4 miles of fuel-free driving, this according to Porsche development officer Wolfgang Duerheimer.  That is not a large distance, but it is one green step for Porsche and eventually will lead to a green fleet of luxury supercars, including a Porsche Boxster 911 hybrid!  As hybrid technology improves, it will be amazing to see what these luxury car makers are able to pull off in the face of emission regulation adversity!
Porsche 918 Hybrid

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