Bizzare Food: The Unhappy Meal

In perhaps the experiment of all fast food experiments, New York City photographer Sally Davies has succeeded in conjuring up qualms about the quality of the fare feasted on by the masses-McDonalds restaurants.  She accomplished this by simply ordering a meal, then inexplicably leaving it on a shelf in her home for 180 days, taking photos of it every few days.

So where is the story?  They say, “Where’s the Beef”, well, in this unique case, where is the mold?  In 6 months on a shelf in her living room, the McDonalds meal not only failed to grow mold, it appeared almost exactly the same as the day she brought the steaming bag home.  It is essentially the McHappy Meal of Youth.  The meal had no smell, no structural change, yet retained a greasy feel.  Yikes.

McDonalds is a weakness for all economy levels, a greasy bag of luxury even the filthy rich enjoy on occasion.  This is why it is one of the few restaurants on earth rake in billions and billions of dollars and boasts an icon that is instantly recognized around the world. We even spotted one of our Lamborghini rental cars going through the drive through. 

The broad range of patrons who visit McDonalds is also the reason this story has risen to sensational levels, almost right up there with “Super Size Me”, as Americans flail to grasp at the fact that the most commonly consumed fast food could actually be immortal.  It even made it to a Jay Leno segment, where he feignedHappy Meal Project Sally Davies surprise while eating a burger.  It certainly makes you wonder what effect the fast food could have on your health, especially when eaten even occasionally over the period of a lifetime.

Astonishingly, Davies is not the first or only person to save McDonalds food in order to perform personalized testing and experiments on it to determine the presence of powerful preservatives.   There is a man who has a hamburger museum, with specimens dating back over 20 years, none decomposed.  One reporter proclaimed that the fast food had an “astonishing refusal to decompose”.  I don’t know about you, but I am getting hungry.  So what does the leading fast food mogul that is McDonalds have to say about all of this?

McDonalds of course employs many high-dollar lawyers and PR people to protect their reputation and ensure future success.  In response to these fast food experiments, the company had a team of experts delicately explain that it was a matter of moisture in the air, and that dehydrated food does not grow bacteria.  But wait, how does the “lack of moisture” defense hold up to the reported “greasy feel” retained by the aged food?  Hmm. 

Some accuse Davies of falsifying her documentation.  To those individuals, I challenge them to repeat the experiment themselves.  Overall, perhaps McDonalds should change their slogan to, “Would you like flies with that?”.



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