Porsche Is Making The Most Money for Volkswagen Group

It seems that popular Porsche is certainly pulling its weight for parent company Volkswagen, bringing in more money than VW offerings. Quick history: Industry giant Volkswagen acquired Porsche back in 2012 following a battle during which both German companies were attempting to purchase the other. Since that time, Porsche sales have continued to flourish.

Porsche salesFast forward to today and it was a wise decision for VW Group to devour the Porsche brand as it has been an enormous profit. Porsche sales have been incredibly healthy in the past three years, even overshadowing the brand’s flagship VW offerings. While the giant unloaded 25 times more VW models, the Porsche luxury cars brought in more revenue with their dramatically different pricing demands.

The Porsche badge is right on track to make the company even more money this year, according to HIS analyst Tim Urquhart. Urquart stated to the press: “Porsche is well on target to sell more than 200,000 units in 2015 and will no doubt generate a significantly larger operating profit than last year’s figure of $3 billion.” That would bring the overall VW Group profit up from around $2.5 billion from 2014.

Porsche salesThe Porsche Macan SUV has driven sales tremendously with its luxurious yet compact body. It was a welcomed departure from the oversized upscale SUV offerings crowding the market and now other leading brands are consumed with creating their own little luxury SUV models to compete. The Porsche Macan is poised to sell 78,000 units over the larger sibling, the Cayenne, which is expected to unload 67,000. These figures paired with past sales indicate plenty of interest in the market for both small and large luxury SUV offerings, and companies are taking notice. VW Group is likely going to hold onto the Porsche brand for the foreseeable future.

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