Rappers Destroy $345,000 Maybach for Charity

Celebrities burning through dough are nothing new, but torching a $345,000 Maybach limousine is something new! Rappers Jay Z and Kanye West have taken extreme measures, burning the luxury limo in the video for their new release “Otis”, which is an ode to Otis Redding.

I am saddened by the wrecked exotic car, but can’t help but wonder why someone of Jay Z’s caliber would stoop to working with Kanye West? It is as confusing as why the world went mad over a 10-year-old Canadian boy (Justin Bieber). Celebrities can often confuse!


Jay Z & Kanye West Otis

This could be called the Maybach massacre

The rappers apparently destroyed the Maybach for “charity”, but how can destruction lead to donations? It seems the overall goal is to raise money for the millions starving in East Africa due to the devastating drought. The demolished Maybach will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to the relief fund…

So much confusion. Wouldn’t the Maybach limousine fetch a greater price in its former condition? Will anyone actually invest heavily in a completely destroyed luxury limo just because of who destroyed it? They would then have to invest even more if they wish to restore it to its former glory.

Jay Z & Kanye West Otis video

Jay Z & Kanye West Otis video

This seems very senseless and my brain gives up on motives. Thoughts? Comment below and clear my head!  Don’t miss our exotic rental cars on your way out, they could be available for video destruction…for the right price!



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