Rembrandt Bugatti Sculptures Recaptured in Crystal by Lalique

The Bugatti family history is brimming with the creative gene. Founder Ettore Bugatti’s brother, fittingly named Rembrandt, was a renowned sculptor. Rembrandt Bugatti sculptures depicted the animals he admired. The artist was known as a bit of a recluse who preferred the company of animals to that of people. Now some of his best pieces have been formed into striking crystal pieces by Lalique and will be available to the avid Bugatti history collectors out there.

Rembrandt Bugatti sculptures

Lalique has focused on four Rembrandt Bugatti sculptures for this limited edition collection:

  • The Reclining Egyptian wolf c 1904
  • The Mare c 1907
  • The Yawning lioness c 1903
  • The Dancing elephant created for brother Ettore will be limited to 431 units. This piece was the hood ornament for the Bugatti Royale limo. It will be offered in clear, black or amber crystal.

Rembrandt Bugatti sculpturesRembrant Bugatti’s sculpting technique has been described as rough and fascinating, capturing the animals in their natural states. He was born in 1884 in Milan, and took his life at the age of 31 after creating over 300 pieces of art. It is often guessed that he was simply disturbed by people and craved the solitude and peace of nature. He poured his soul into his animal sculptures and the world certainly took notice, as they continue to demand top dollar to this day at fine art events and auctions.

Rembrandt Bugatti sculptures

Some of his best-loved pieces have nabbed top dollar at luxury auctions, including the following examples:

  • The Tiger Royal from 1913 fetched a handsome $2,617,000 at Christies in New York back in May of 2008.
  • The Rhinoceros de Java from 1908 went for $109k at Tajan in Paris.

Will the new Lalique crystal sculptures become collectibles of the brand’s history?

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