Road Rash: Meet the Roding Roadster

When you are a new luxury car manufacturer, your debut better be wicked awesome, and the Roding Roadster has nailed its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show, clearing a possible path to acceptance among the masses. The business of making supercars is cut-throat, and competing with the top brands is more often than not simply impossible.

Roding Roadster

The Roding Roadster grille is a bit like an Audi

Taking cues from the current competitors, Roding implemented carbon fiber and raw design in the creation of the roadster. The chassis is comprised of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Under the hood is a turbocharged BMW inline-six with 320 horses. Roding gives a nod to the hands-on types by throwing in a 6-speed manual gearbox, something special in a world where manual transmissions are a dying breed. Follow link for story on Lamborghini Drops Manual Transmissions for more information on the evolution of twin clutch and automatic only options.

Roding Roadster
Creative use of carbon fiber

Roding Roadster

Roding concept cars

Just 23 Roding roadsters will be produced in the first run, so get on the phone if you are interested in owning an exotic sports car from a potentially up-and-coming brand. Think of it as getting on the Ferrari bandwagon before they were famous—you could be the first hipster of an auto brand.

Roding Roadster

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