Snookie Crashes Custom Escalade…Makes World Prettier

Jersey Shore’s favorite little Guido, Snookie, began showing off a very horrific custom Cadillac Escalade in February…topped off with fluorescent pink accents…absolutely everywhere. It was not a tragedy when the reality star crashed the Escalade during the very same month–only that it was not a total loss. It seems she hit another vehicle in it while filming Jersey Shore, so I smell another publicity stunt.

Snookie Escalade
Snooks crashed a car while filming Jersey Shore in Italy, follow link for full story

Snook’s custom Cadillac Escalade is black, but that is where the decency ends. Hers boasts custom black snakeskin wrap and a hot pink grille, rims, vents and a ‘Hello Kitty’ decal on the rear window. It also has ‘Boss Lady‘ emblazoned on the bumper and has been named ‘Joey‘…sigh.

Snookie Escalade

You may be a Guido if this photo does not make you want to gauge your eyes out

Considering that the pint-sized Snooks is about the height of the steering wheel, perhaps she should have invested in a Mazda Miata? I am certain there will be funny videos released of Snookie entering and exiting the Escalade…perhaps with a custom ladder?

Snookie custom escalade


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