Rolls Royce Changes Gears With Phantom Experimental Electric

You could pass the Rolls Royce Phantom Experimental Electric on the road and not notice that it is…well…electric! This is not likely, however, seeing as how it is a one-off that is far from the finish line. First introduced at the Geneva Auto Show back in March, the electric Phantom certainly made an impression with regard to luxury hybrid technology.

Electric Rolls Royce Phantom

Also known as the 102EX, the electric Phantom weighs in at 6,000 lbs—a mere 440 lbs more than its gas-guzzling counterpart. Surprisingly, this electric beauty has already enticed prospects from Beijing, Singapore, Pebble Beach, Dubai, Madrid and Abu Dhabi. All interest aside, the carmaker will not yet be producing the 102EX, which it considers a test run for electric technology.

According to Rolls Royce project manager Emily Dungey,
“We have to ensure that Rolls-Royce is relevant for the next 100 years.”

Electric Phantom Rolls Royce

Electric Phantom Rolls Royce

Driving impressions of the 102EX note it to be the stealthy, strong silent type that the brand is known for. So let’s get down to specs:

•    The hefty V12 is replaced with a 1,400 lb lithium-ion battery (3x more life than the Nissan Leaf)
•    In place of a gas tank, a pair of A.C. motors and a single-speed transmission produce 389 horses
•    Hits the 0-60 mark in less than 8 seconds. The V12 accomplishes this in 5.7
•    The 102EX charge time is approximately 8 hours on a 220-volt power source
•    It is equipped with a cordless induction unit, so the driver can simply park the car over an induction pad and the charging will begin
•    Under favorable conditions, it can travel 125 miles per charge
•    The traditional wood trim has been replaced with an aluminized glass-strand that resembles carbon fiber
•    Aside from minor aesthetic cues, there are few visible differences between the standard Phantom and the electric version

Electric Phantom Rolls Royce

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Electric Phantom Rolls Royce

Spirit of Ecstacy lives on…electrically




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