WTF: Canada’s New Tricked-Out $100 Bills Are Made of Plastic!

Somewhere around the globe, a plastic manufacturer is bursting with the elation of a huge new account. Our neighbors to the north have just unveiled their new $100 bill, and it is certainly an innovation—the first plastic bills to replace paper! How is that supposed to fold neatly into a wallet or a stripper’s ensemble?

I just can’t imagine how this will work. Do they fold at all? Could 50 Cent’s Lamborghini trunk hold $2 million in plastic notes (Follow link to see him fill trunk with $2 million paper currency!)? This is all just sarcasm, the new polymer notes are thin enough, I am not sure about their bending or folding capacity, however.

50 Cent Lamborghini Cash in Trunk

50 demonstrates how to load $2 million plus into the trunk of his Lamborghini Murcielago

When I think of plastic, I picture cheaply made items and junk…I suppose that mentality will be somewhat altered now that it is worth $100 in Canada. The country plans to abandon paper money in favor of plastic, in a vast effort to end counterfeiting. So why plastic?

The new currency is actually quite complex, derived from a single plastic polymer and jazzed up with attractive high-tech security features. The security features are described in detail in the video below, and it does seem that the bills would be painstaking to duplicate by counterfeiters, but they are always up for a challenge!

“Some of the numbers are reversed”…Yeah…that will stop them from copying it!

The Bank of Canada claims that the bills will last twice as long as their paper predecessors and that they are actually recyclable, so while they are a yellowish color, they are actually green. Canada will begin to introduce the plastic notes in $5, $10, and $50 as well by the end of 2013. Think of it as Barbie money!

Canadian Plastic currency

Canadian plastic currency

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