Rolls-Royce SUV to Remain a Sketch on Paper with 2017 Launch Date?

The Rolls-Royce SUV concept is as intriguing as the Bentley SUV attempts. The funny part of this story is that with all of the rumors circulating about the Rolls-Royce SUV, the only clear points seem to be that it remains in sketch form and has a projected 2017 launch date. Unless paper develops the ability to mor

Rolls-Royce SUVWould a Rolls-Royce SUV feel ostentatious or awesome? We have to wait a really long time to find out. 

It could be that Rolls-Royce is simply laying low and observing what other luxury SUV builders are doing these days before they enter that arena. The risk of financial loss and dents to the reputation is always there for a leading luxury automaker. It is for those very reasons that astronomical sums of money are dedicated to market testing and more prior to even the start of developing a new model, let alone a new class of vehicle.

Rolls-Royce SUV

Would a Rolls-Royce SUV make sense in the market today?

In a market where the Prius is king and other smart cars are gaining traction, the luxury SUV is oddly making a comeback. It is because the SUV of the past is gone, being slowly replaced by versions with the same environmental features and specs as their sedan siblings. In order to have a chance, the Rolls-Royce SUV would likely need to offer impressive fuel consumption numbers and more.

Will the Rolls-Royce SUV make it to production? 

Rolls-Royce head of design Giles Taylor shared that the company is still sketching the viability of an SUV concept, not even in the 3D phases at this juncture. He also shared that he did not feel an SUV offering would undermine the Rolls-Royce brand and that it should be a properly functional vehicle, not a crossover with a sloping roof. Overall, it will certainly be interesting to see what the marquee churns out over the next few years in concepts and the potential end result.

Rolls-Royce SUV

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