A Safe Room, Loaded Gun and Arsenal of Exotic Cars—WTH Mr. Dotcom?

When police raided the New Zealand home of 37-year old Kim Schmitz, a founder of and big spender, the scene was not what they expected! According to reports, Kim was arrested on his $23 million dollar property while wielding a loaded firearm in his safe room…WTH? You can’t make this stuff up.

Kim Megaupload


The police were there that day, which happened to be Kim’s birthday bash celebration on the property, to seize luxury items believed to have been purchased with the booty from piracy. No, he was not wearing an eye patch..the online form of piracy! I bet Kim wishes he would have maintained a lower profile and maybe indulged in a luxury rental car rather than becoming a mega-show-off?

To add to the drama-factory, around 70 officers stormed the property with 2 helicopters, and proceeded to cut their way into the panic room! The luxury property even has James-Bondish secret passages…bizarre! This sounds more like an action flick that should be starring Paul Walker rather than the rotund Kim Schmitz, aka Mr. Dotcom, aka Kimble.

Kim Mr. Dotcom

Kim enjoyed flashing his wealth around, a habit that ultimately led to his arrest

A total of 18 luxury cars were seized, including:
•    A 1959 pink Cadillac
•    15 Mercedes-Benz vehicles
•    A Rolls-Royce Phantom
•    A Maserati
•    A rare Lamborghini

Mr. Dotcom’s luxury car fleet boasted a variety of vanity plates, reading “HACKER”, “POLICE”, “STONED”, “GOOD”, “CEO”, “GUILTY” and even “GOD”.

Kim Dotcom

Megaupload founders under arrest

Aside from the cars, pricey art and other valuable items were taken from the property, and banking authorities also froze about $8.9-million in various accounts. Ouch…that may make anyone panic, but retreating to a panic room is a bit on overdrive.

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