Volkswagen AG Takes Aim at Maybach Clients like Jay-Z

In November of 2011, Daimler announced that it intends to axe one of the world’s most potent symbols of wealth—the Maybach. Volkswagen AG (owner of Bentley and Rolls Royce) sees the opportunity to approach some of Maybach’s wealthy clients, including Jay-Z, Samuel L. Jackson, King Juan Carlos, Roman Abramovich and the Sultan of Brunei to perhaps capitalize from the luxury car’s cancellation.

Jay-Z Maybach video

Jay-Z torched a Maybach in a video, and also owns one (Follow link for full Maybach torching story). Perhaps he would treat a Rolls Royce or Bentley a bit better!

Bentley Chief Executive Wolfgang Duerheimer told Reuters at the Detroit Motor Show,
"The withdrawal of Maybach is a business opportunity for us and we’re going to use it.”

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Bentley has reportedly already heard from some of Maybach’s coveted clients and is in the process of reaching out to others. Those who purchase a Maybach, after all, sought out something unique and exclusive, something that VW AG can certainly provide through Bentley and Rolls Royce.

Volkswagen AG offerings that are similar in price and product to a Maybach include:
•    The Rolls Royce Phantom at $380,000 USD
•    The Bentley Mulsanne at $290,000 USD

Jay-Z opted for the $500,000 Maybach 62S…and that excludes options, but that is not a shocker when the man also owns a Bugatti Veyron!

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Volkswagen AG is inviting Maybach clients for a VIP tour the Bentley factory in Crewe, England, to give them the complete experience. Duerheimer explained,
"I want to create a specific welcome zone inside our brand."

Of course you do! I wonder how Daimler AG feels about its decision to cut the Maybach brand to focus on the Mercedes-Benz segment now! Don’t miss our collection of luxury rental cars, including Maybach rentals, Bentley rentals and Rolls Royce rentals on your way out!

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