Samantha Ronson Gets DUI in a Porsche, Mug Shot is an Instant Classic!

Now that everyone has calmed down about Lindsay Lohan, the company she keeps/kept is clearly a part of her problems! Ex-girlfriend and sometimes friend of Lilo, DJ Samantha Ronson, has been arrested for a DUI in her shiny black Porsche. Wait…it wasn’t one of our Porsche rentals, was it? I kid, I kid.

Samantha Ronson DUI mug shot

Sam’s flattering close-up mug shot! Poor girl!

It seems that Ronson was headed back to Los Angeles following a night of DJ-ing in Las Vegas when she was pulled over just before 10 a.m. in San Bernadino County and arrested for DUI. It seems that poor Sam failed her field sobriety test and refused a breath test.

Ronson & Lohan

Ronson & Lohan during happier times

Now, aside from never-ending chatter about her former relationship with Lohan, Sam will have this quite unflattering photo of herself available permanently via the kind and sociable thing we call ‘Internet’. 

Lohan mug shot

Lohan’s famous mug shot

In any case, we have an instant classic with the mug shot, and the innocent Porsche was retrieved the following day from the impound lot.

Samantha Ronson Porsche Impound DUI

Sam picks up her Porsche from the impound lot

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