Search of 11 Properties Leads to Luxury Car Seizures


Canada Luxury Car Bust

Canadian authorities have made arrests in 11 property seizures around Calgary during an ongoing investigation.  I bet they were not expecting to discover a mini-fleet of exotic and luxury cars awaiting them, including the following 7 supercars:

•    2 unspecified Lamborghinis
•    2 unspecified Porsches
•    1 BMW
•    1 Hummer
•    1 classic Ford Mustang

Lamborghini Theft

Porsche Theft

I do not know how they do it in Canada, but if something like that were to happen here in Miami, I would smell an exotic car auction coming on!  Luxury auctions are fantastic ways to acquire your favorite exotic cars and toys for a fraction of the price, or you can always just indulge in an exotic car rental Miami style from Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals anytime you please.  Perhaps these guys should have considered that, rather than illegal activities.

Luxury Car Theft

Some exotic car auctions have vehicles that are less than roadworthy, like the 73-year-old Bugatti who hit the auction block for $370,000, a stunner (follow link for full story).

Submerged Bugatti Auctions for $370,000

The RCMP and Calgary police happily confiscated the hoisted luxury cars, along with an undisclosed amount of cash and some cocaine.  You know, money laundering, illegal gaming, tax evasion and criminal drug trafficking, some people like to party.  At least these criminals have exquisite taste in luxury cars, even if they suck at life.



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