A Delicious Auction of Rare Centerfolds, Thank You Christie’s!

Luxury auction house Christie’s certainly knows how to rev up engines, as in the exotic car rentals and more that often end up on its chopping block.  But now the good people at Christie’s are offering up something on the sexy side, in the form of centerfolds, art and photographs and life-sized plexiglass sculptures from the Playboy of Hef’s prime!  Come to think of it, Hef’s prime seems to be permanent, he is way cooler than 007 and all of his Aston Martin rentals put together.

Playboy Auction

Now that I have your attention, the rare centerfold auction will be held December 8th, 2010, and will offer the nude and naughty figures of Playboy celebrities of years gone by, including Paulina, Elle, Brigitte (Bardot and Nielsen) and a Marilyn or two.  Yum.


Playboy Centerfold Auction Christie's

Luxury Playboy Auction

Marilyn Monroe Playboy Cover

Marilyn Monroe Playboy

I recommend you secure that luxury rental car Miami style, make it a Rolls Royce rental or a flashy Bentley rental, you want them to know who they are dealing with when you arrive.  Also, better start working out that paddle-raising arm; it is likely to get feverish in there!

Playboy Magazine

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