Self-Driving Vehicles Are Sparking Emotion At Each Turn

Now that there are a handful of various autonomous vehicles out on the roads in full test mode, other aspects of the concept are emerging curbside to curiosity and excitement. The very idea of self-driving vehicles becoming a reality and perhaps even the new normal seems to be driving much emotion.

self-driving vehiclesIs the world ready to embrace such futuristic technology? Because the autonomous vehicle is now a very stark reality, it would seem that it is inevitable for it to become permanently incorporated into society. It will certainly be a long way down the road before they become commonplace, which will give more time for people to adapt to the idea. In the beginnings, it was rather science fiction to imagine a vehicle capable of fully functioning without, you know, a human being behind the wheel. It generated anticipation and awe to think of such a thing, now feelings are a bit mixed as people struggle to come to terms with the fact that there are driverless cars on the roads now with legal permits. While many feel ok with the autonomous among us, many feel natural fear and concern.

Moving past the typical blend of fascination and fear of the driverless vehicle, there is also a new wave of emotion emerging regarding the perks of plain driving. What will happen to good old fashioned motoring in the future? Will certain freedoms begin to vanish, such as the ability to accelerate past the legal limit? The questions remain endless and will not have answers, but will continue to form alongside the advancement of the autonomous endeavors.

self-driving vehiclesThe trend of driverless vehicles is slowly beginning, with the states above providing permits under certain conditions.

It seems trivial to focus on small driver freedoms when the new technology can potentially prevent many automobile fatalities caused by human distractions. The same core factor, emotion, is responsible for many driving dangers such as impatience, road rage, and distraction. Overall, it seems that safety will remain in the forefront of the movement–and drivers can only hope that the joy of the art that is motoring can somehow remain intact in the end and that many lives are saved. And it seems important to point out how amazing it would be to have the option to simply zone out during those long commutes, like having a personal chauffeur on hand free of charge! In the end, the issue will boil down to how each person chooses to view the positives and negatives.

self-driving vehicles

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