China May Ban Sexy Auto Show Models—No One Surprised

The automotive market in China and other Asian countries is absolutely out of control. Yet the controlling Chinese government is anything but. Word is that the Chinese government is contemplating a ban on sexy auto show models. Will this year’s Shanghai Automotive Show fail to be a…bust?

sexy auto show modelsAccording to a quote from the organization committee: “We are soliciting public option to improve the exhibition. We have not ruled out the possibility of banning auto show girls.”

sexy auto show modelsOf course, no further detail was given by the Chinese committee on the matter, as they are not exactly famous for being forthright with information. Many are wondering if the new possible guidelines are connected to the tragic New Year’s Eve celebrations in Shanghai’s historic district that led to a stampede and 36 deaths. Automotive shows are not known to be gatherings of danger or to attract the unruly types, but it only takes a few to ruin it for the many.

auto show modelsFollowing the tragedy on New Year’s, authorities imposed further restrictions, supervision and prevention of larger public gatherings. Cao Shiliang, a sales director for Dongfeng Motor Corporation stated: “More efforts should be mounted regarding the technique, function, quality, appearance and after-sale service of cars to win the hearts of customers.” Whatever the hell that means, sir. The automotive show is an art form, and the ladies are a part of that overall heady and intoxicating vibe that has delivered the gearheads for generations. What will happen if that right of passage is removed for the Chinese sector? Well, no market remains on top forever, so they may ultimately regret certain decisions when the major automakers and other companies begin to pull out and things drop down to normalcy in the financial realm.

auto show modelsModels are a tradition at automotive shows and events.

auto show models

A model showing off the sexy Audi R8 quattro.

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