Sleek and Stunning, the Bugatti Grand Sport Makes its Debut

Bugatti Grand Sport A topless transition from the Veyron, the new Bugatti Grand Sport will set you back a stratospheric $2 million dollars.  The design is elegant, not intimidating, and the interior engulfs driver and passenger in luxury.  The interior leather is pure of grain, originating from Alpine bovines raised at altitudes high enough to lack the insect pests that would mar their skin.  Now that is smooth.

Impressed yet?  This luxury car is capable of a cool blast-off from zero to 62 miles per hour in 2.7 seconds.  If you press the accelerator for seven seconds, you can become a blur reaching speeds of over 125 miles per hour-leaving gawkers to wonder "What is that?"  You could conceivably go 188 miles per hour, but would require a fuel stop every ten minutes.  The EPA economy numbers are not a concern to potential buyers, renters or owners of this exotic beast, but for the record they are 8-mpg city, 14-mpg highway. 

This  ridiculously racy car demands attention, and definitely gets it in spades.  This is one of the mBugatti Grand Sport luxury carost expensive, exclusive, and fastest production cars on earth.  A delicious sight and an almost devious experience to encounter, the Bugatti Grand Sport could qualify as one of the wonders of the world.  Other savvy selections and recommendations for exotic sports convertible rentals include the Aston Martin V8 Vantage rental, the Bentley GTC convertible rental, and the Ferrari F430 Spyder rental


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