Smart Move: Wealthy Buyer Orders 10 Aston Martin One-77’s

Ahh…don’t we all wish we had the resources at our disposal to go shopping like the big dogs.  Well, one big dog in the Middle East just went on a very enviable shopping spree, ordering ten Aston Martin One-77’s.  You did read that correctly, we said ten Aston Martin One-77 models.  How James Bondish.

Yes, that is the latest Aston Martin model and yes, they are priced around $2 million each.  So why do we call this a smart move?  The luxury company is only making 77 One-77 units (hence the name), so buying upAston Martin One-77 a few of these exclusive luxury cars has the potential for a robust ROI.  We of course have no idea what his intentions are with purchasing ten Aston Martins, but that was the first thought that came to mind.

Because why would someone require ten One-77 models?  According to the buyer, they are to be gifted to members of his family.  Well, whatever the wealthy buyer intends to do with the exotics, Aston Martin required a lofty $23 million dollar down payment to ensure that the buyer was in fact serious.

And this buyer is obviously no stranger to high standards, as he also insisted that all ten units be completed by September of 2010.  Wow.  At least no two units of the new Aston Martin will be exactly alike, thanks to a specialized customization system befit of a 7-figure luxury car.

While this buyer is certainly the most outrageous, there is another buyer who has reportedly ordered two of the One-77’s, one to relish and one to dismantle and adorn the walls with…as art.  It would certainly seem that the brain of that buyer has been dismantled.

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