Sun And Fun In The Very Windy City

All Chicagoans know what it feels like to be a hermit crab or a hibernating bear.  We also know the incredible liberation of warm sunny days in spring.  There is no more uniquely funny sight than about 3,000,000 Chicagoans coming out of their shells and caves when we hit our first day above 70.  We know about 1 week in advance that the following week will be suitable for freedom.  We talk about it incessantly until the “nice” day arrives.  “Hey! Next Tuesday’s gonna be soooo nice out!!  Wanna hit up a patio?”  When the day arrives, all of a sudden, EVERYONE is outside.  People are walking everywhere, and even dusting off their luxury and exotic convertibles. People, who yesterday, were wearing North Face parkas and Ugg boots, are now wearing tank tops, and Havaiana flip-flops. On our way to work we’ll stare at our bare arms in amazement and disbelief, while looking up at the sky trying to tan our pale faces.  imagine lifestyles luxury and exotic car rentals

Even during lunch hour, every restaurant with a patio is jammed.  The establishments clearly have been getting their patio furniture ready for the last several days since they heard the weather report.  Rush St. is definitely THE place to be.  Carmine’s, Tavern on Rush, and Gibson’s all boast lines to be seated outside.  The vines are even growing again at Wrigley and the Friendly Confines are being filled yet again with die hard fans.  Even during work hours on these days, the lakefront’s bike and jogging path is filled with locals trying to get in a workout under the sun. 

When work is over though, that is when the people really start filling the streets.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a weekday or a weekend, everyone clamors to a patio to enjoy a frosty beverage and a bite to eat.  Certain newcomers to the scene, such as Cedar Hotel, and Rockit Bar and Grill Wrigleyville really attract a crowd, and become the hot spots to “see and be seen”.  Every neighborhood from River North to Lincoln Square are bustling with Chicagoans trying to soak up as much of the gorgeous day as possible, knowing full well they’ll be back in their Uggs again tomorrow. 

However, we keep our hopes up because we know summer is right around the corner.   Keep checking the weather reports because next time the forecast is favorable, contact Imagine Lifestyles.  There is no better way to enjoy these beautiful days that driving down Rush St in a Bentley Continental GTC convertible rental or a Lamborghini Gallardo rental.  Imagine Lifestyles Chicago can make sure you show up to your warm weather lunch or dinner date in style.  

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