Stolen 1974 264 Dino Ferrari Found Buried in Backyard

1974 264 Dino Ferrari

Some California kiddos dug up more than just dirt while playing in their backyard in the 70s. The children flagged down local police to report what they said felt like the roof of a car. Police responded with a skip-loader and unearthed a green 1974 264 Dino Ferrari. The stolen Ferrari had apparently been buried there, and remains in surprisingly good condition. 

Photo by Larry Sharkey of the LA Times

The 264 Dino Ferrari was worth around $18,000 back in its day. Local detectives dug up more information on the Ferrari and discovered that it had been originally purchased by a Rosendo Cruz of Alhambra in October of that year. Just two months after Cruz purchased the sports car–he reported it stolen on December the 7th. The case went cold and his insurance carrier eventually reimbursed Cruz. Some speculated an insurance scam, but the truth may always remain buried. read more