Audi Drivers Get Upper Hand in Parking

Audi parking feature

Living in the city has its perks and its pains–like parking. Audi drivers now have an advantage to help them locate available parking thanks to a new Audi parking feature. The feature links its built-in navigation system to the information made available from participating parking garages to inform drivers of open spots. Genius!

The amount of information being made available from public parking structures continues to rise, making it ideal to link the technology directly to vehicles. This technology will reduce the overall stress of wasting time, money and fuel searching for parking in crowded areas, and will likely be incorporated in other brands to meet public expectations. read more

Audi and T-Mobile to offer Wireless Service for Cars

Audi and T-Mobile

Audi Connect is already among the most sophisticated Wi-Fi options on the market, allowing owners to connect up to 8 devices at the same time to the Internet from the car. In-vehicle Wi-Fi networks are increasing in popularity, and now the pricing may be coming down! Audi and T-Mobile are pairing up to provide the service for a low $15 per month, saving the battery in your smartphone and your bank account.

No more pesky data charges: Audi and T-Mobile are changing gears toward a more connected future with in-vehicle Wi-Fi services. read more