Video: 100 Rare Exotic Cars Unearthed in French Barn

rare exotic cars

Barn finds are always fascinating, but this one tops most! Check out this video of 100 rare exotic cars unearthed in a French barn! The stockpile of Ferrari sports cars, Bugatti models and more is simply astounding!

The clip above shows the loot discovered in a barn in France. The collection likely left it’s discoverer awestruck! Just 60 of the 100 cars will make it to auction.

The collection of abandoned exotic cars belonged to the late Roger Baillon. It was trusted to the classic car department of a French auction house, where buyers can opt to restore the vehicles and get them back out onto the roads or simply preserve them for future generations. Baillon was in the transportation industry, and it was reported that he hoped to restore the collection and display them in a museum. The collection of cars was closer to 200 at one point, but half were sold in the late 1970s when his business took a turn from profitability. read more