BMW and Toyota Releasing Twin Exotic Cars

BMW and Toyota

Successful automakers BMW and Toyota are collaborating on a set of twin exotic cars, which will be confusingly related yet separate. One lovechild will be BMW and one Toyota, but they will share aspects of both brands including design and technology. 

BMW and Toyota opt to pair their resources for a set of exotic sports cars. What will they learn during this awesome experiment? Will brands begin to collaborate as well as compete?

The automotive industry is all about smoking the competition. For this reason, the unique union between typically competitive automakers Toyota and BMW has wheels spinning. The talks began back in 2011, where the companies began to strategize how to go about researching new technologies together. By the following year, they had already begun working on electric powertrains and alternative fuel cells, which they spent the next year tweaking. Now the dynamic duo is poised to release its own duo in the form of twin autos engineered for the future. read more