Maserati Sounds Off with Bowers and Wilkins


Fans of the Maserati Quattroporte can get amped up as the luxury sedan will be singing a new tune. Maserati has paired with high-end speaker connoisseurs Bowers and Wilkins to create an all-new sound system for the car with insane state of the art features. And by insane I mean awesome.

Maserati is making some noise with high-end speaker brand Bowers & Wilkins

The robust sound system by Bowers and Wilkins boasts 15 integrated speakers, providing optimum sound for both front and rear passengers. It is among the highest quality and strategically planned sound systems available. The Bowers & Wilkins website describes the collaboration as follows: “Most car manufacturers make cars. Maserati creates legends. For nearly a century, the trident marque has been a symbol of uncompromising automotive excellence. So when the engineers at Maserati wanted to find an acoustic partner to design an audio system for their new luxury saloon, there was only ever one choice. Introducing the Maserati Quattroporte premium surround system from Bowers & Wilkins. Extraordinary sound. For an extraordinary car.” read more